Photo 15 May Our FIRST time being featured in a magazine! It’s all in German but we still think this is awesome!

Our FIRST time being featured in a magazine! It’s all in German but we still think this is awesome!

Photo 4 May
Quote 23 Apr
Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
— Franz Kafka
Photo 20 Apr Braided up styles.

Braided up styles.

Text 19 Apr Our Story. Our Vision. Our Mission.

we all have our problems. but as a hairstylist your hair problems are my problems. i started in this industry as soon as i was legal to work. i swept hair, folded towels and booked appointments. i knew this is where i belonged. in 2002 when i became a hairstylist i made it my mission to make women feel beautiful. and that i did. the problem then? it rarely lasted beyond the chair. i would hear ‘how am i ever going to make my hair look like this again’ or ‘i cant round brush’ my response was ‘yes you can, women can raise families, become ceo’s of huge companies and go to the moon’ and your telling me you can’t style your own hair!’ i would send them on their way with a few products and let them fend for them self with the blow dryer and round brush.

another problem that soon started to escalate, and if you ask me or any other hairstylist i know, is out of control is diversion. if you don’t know what diversion is, it’s when you buy any professional styling products or tools at Target or any other drug store. apparently they are not suppose to sold there but i have a hard time believing a huge corporation such as Target is breaking the law and risking a huge lawsuit. regardless of who’s fault it is, i can tell you who is suffering from it the most and it isn’t loreal, bumble and bumble, or matrix. its the hairstylists and salons.

so with these two major problems at hand, many long drive’s home, a pure romance party, a few nights of getting the girls ready for a night out, and conversation with great family and friends, styletique’s concept was born. a company that teaches diy hair styles, trends, and tips. and where the hairstylists and only the hairstylists gets the commission . our company would sell everything from clip in extensions to headbands, and the hairstylist would have access to it all!

our journey started in late 2010 when my two biggest supporters became my partners. and let me tell you these ladies know hair, they are prime examples of what a style expert can teach. i often look at their hair style and feel so accomplished.

finally in 2012, we are ready to do this. we are excited to teach. we are excited to give opportunity and most importantly we excited to make a change!

if you would like to join us on this journey and host a hair home party or become a style expert you can find us here

Quote 19 Apr
Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
— Marilyn Monroe
Photo 19 Apr 1 note $8


Photo 18 Apr 1 note Side knot with a spin

Side knot with a spin

Photo 18 Apr
Photo 18 Apr

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